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Answers to Questions

What is an SEO expert?

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert understands how to produce content throughout a website that will be relevant to search results. Search Engines such as Google will target a website’s content and base search results on such information.

Why would I need an SSL Certificate?

Your customers’ personal and financial information is important and a SSL certificate ensures that all sensitive-information is encrypted in order to reduce the threat of breaches. An extra bonus is a SSL certificate will boost SEO with Google!

Do I need a website if I don’t sell online?

Yes! With over 50% of the world population having internet access, a website serves as a way to deliver your message and your goal to an audience. You can illustrate your works, services, products, reviews, and more! Your website can expand your business to a whole new audence!

What kind of budget do I need for advertising?

Our team has well over a decade’s worth of marketing experience and will be able to tailor to your specific advertising demands. We offer a complimentary consultation rather than give an immediate estimation in order to ensure that the price we quote is most accurate to your actual goals.

How does GEO-Fencing work?

Geo-Fencing utilizes GPS information to detect whether or not a mobile-device has entered a specific area or location and will send notifications or ads to their devices for a period of time.

Are there cheaper alternatives?

There will always be a cheaper alternative; however, we at JAG Digital Svcs will tailor all of our services to ensure that you and your business receive nothing short of the top-notch results that you and your customers deserve.


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