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Don’t Panic – COVID-19

Written by Joe Aguilar

March 15, 2020

Stay safe, stay alert, and be mindful… At least digitally if you are set up right, no worries. We are here if you need help or have questions during the Covid19

During a time of uncertainty, things can get scary. We are not sure what to expect or even how to prevent the unseen. As with Covid-19 take precautions to protect yourself and those around you. Follow simple steps of prevention so the pain of infection or contamination doesn’t disrupt your life further. The best thing of all is “Don’t Panic” and make a plan to follow.  What I find conversely the same during this time of Covid-19 is alert is high but digitally so many are running unsecured websites and are connected to unsecured websites.  Mobile versions are not functioning and “Privacy Policy” (what you do with others information) is not existent. Yet we interact as though nothing will infect or contaminate either of us. Again panic or duress can apply but it’s not necessary. The same practice can be applied by taking precautionary steps to protect yourself and those around you. Viruses come in many forms, bio or digital. If you have concerns about exposure digitally in any form we can help.  As far as Covid-19, reach out to those around you “digitally” and discuss options of forming alliances to help protect all of you.

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